Research Interests

My research strives to advance knowledge of how Arctic and Boreal (permafrost landscapes) ecosystems have/will respond to historical/projected climate change and disturbance (permafrost degradation, wildfire, & herbivory). Ecosystem responses to such events are complicated, varying dramatically over space and time. Therefore, my research focuses on disentangling this ecological puzzle using a multi-scale observation trifecta (ground-based monitoring, aerial/satellite remote sensing, and empirical/machine-learning/process-based modeling).

Ecosystem Carbon Dynamics

Recently deglaciated tundra near the western margin of the Barnes Ice Cap (Lewis Glacier), Baffin Island, Canada.

Remote Sensing

Types of thermoerosion (permafrost degradation) occurring in northern Alaska. These types of degradation were remotely detected using a new remote sensing algorithm developed by Lara et al. 2019.


Simulations of change in soil carbon of all dominant tundra landforms on the Arctic Coastal Plain of Alaska through the 21st century. citation: Lara et al. 2020